Steel fabrication

RA TECH excels in trade steel fabrication, crafting a diverse range of structures including parking sheds, platforms, swimming pool sheds, and pre/post fabricated structures. Our expertise extends to meticulous MS & Iron works, delivering durability and precision. Additionally, we specialize in creating innovative tensile fabric structures, showcasing our commitment to quality and modern design in every project.

Parking Sheds

RA TECH’s steel fabrication expertise shines in the creation of parking sheds. Meticulous design and fabrication ensure these structures not only offer optimal protection for vehicles but also blend functionality with enduring durability.


Our team crafts platforms with a focus on safety and stability, delivering reliable elevated surfaces for diverse applications. Precision in fabrication guarantees that these platforms meet the highest standards of structural integrity.

Swimming Pool Sheds

 The fabrication of swimming pool sheds at RA TECH is a testament to our commitment to both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. These structures enhance the visual appeal of pool areas while providing robust protection.

Pre/Post Fabricated Structures

RA TECH excels in the creation of pre and post-fabricated structures, showcasing our ability to deliver tailored solutions. Each structure is carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of the project, ensuring efficiency and durability.

MS & Iron Works

Our mastery of MS & Iron works sets RA TECH apart, allowing us to create intricate and durable metal elements. These elements contribute significantly to the overall strength and design coherence of various structures.

Tensile Fabric Structures

RA TECH’s specialization in fabricating tensile structures reflects our commitment to modern design and architectural innovation. These structures, known for their flexibility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, demonstrate our dedication to exceeding industry standards.

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